Top 4 Eye-Opening COVID-19 Stats for Healthcare Providers: And How NEW PPE Can Reduce the Risk

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3 hours. That’s how long COVID particles can remain in the air, per the New England Journal of

10.7%. That’s how many providers have tested positive for COVID-19 or developed symptoms
requiring self-isolation following intubation of a patient with a known or suspected COVID-19
infection, according to the American College of Radiology.

1,000+. That’s the number Becker’s Hospital Review reports on how many U.S. healthcare
workers have died of COVID-19 as of October 2020.

57. Of those deaths, that’s how many providers had inadequate PPE to protect them from
COVID transmission.

We need to do better for our providers.

It is clear that masks, gloves, and gowns are not enough to stop the transmission of COVID.
This is especially true during higher-risk situations like performing an intubation on a patient. As
one of the world’s leading manufacturers of single-use medical supplies, we decided to make an
additional layer of personal protection equipment to help further protect providers. It’s called
COVAIRE, and it is a 2mm sheet of polyethylene film that drapes over a patient during any
aerosol-generating procedure.


It’s designed to be quick, easy, and inexpensive--but highly effective. We pledge to make it
widely available so as many healthcare providers as possible have access to it.

With more coronavirus cases on the rise as the autumn of 2020 turns to winter, emergency
rooms across the U.S. are girding for potential surges of new cases. One thing that health
organizations do not want to repeat from the first wave of the pandemic is any form of PPE
shortage. While some concerns about PPE supplies remain, hospitals are saying they are better
prepared than they were this spring to equip their medical staff for a new surge. Beyond that
attainable goal, however, is a new one: redefining the standard of protection and making PPE
gloves, masks, shields, and gowns - better and more effective by adding new forms of
protection to the toolkit. With the added risk posed by the airborne coronavirus, higher-touch
health care, especially during and after aerosol-generating procedure.

COVAIRE is rewriting the PPE checklist for healthcare providers and redefining the standard of

COVAIRE is not just for emergency rooms, but is also essential PPE for operating rooms and
any clinic that performs aerosol-generating procedures such as intubation, extubation, TEE,
CPR, and EGD. Find out more about COVAIRE, including how to get it for your organization, at or call 1-800-284-4540.

Infection Prevention

Kristy Warren
Kristy Warren is the Clinical Resource Director for Encompass Group. She can be reached at

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