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Clinical Education

Encompass Clinical Resources and Consulting Team

The Encompass Clinical Resources and Consulting Team have a goal to help you act as a "catalyst of change” in your hospital. Our team of highly educated and experienced clinicians works extensively to improve nursing practices and increase patient and staff satisfaction. We accomplish this by employing our trademarked Smart Solutions® educational tools and resources while focusing on the appropriate use of our clinical products. Through this program, we aim to uphold the Encompass vision of creating a safe and comfortable healthcare environment for all.
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Our Background

Encompass has had an active field consulting team since 1994, and quickly realized that effective cultural changes in nursing behavior were only possible if the messengers of that change were considered credible. We think there is no better person than a nurse to convince another nurse that there may be a better way to serve the needs of their patient that also serves the financial and quality goals of the hospital.

  • Current on HACs, HAIs, HCAHPS
  • RN/BS/MS credentialed, CLLM certified
  • Comfortable interacting in the C-suite, to the Nursing Departments and the Linen Room
  • Active in industry trade organizations: AORN, WOCN, NPUAP, SPH, AHVAP
  • Speak at major industry shows, AORN, ARTA, AHE, ALM, TRSA
  • Author articles for major industry publications, as well as clinical white papers and CEU courses
  • Extremely tenured, trusted by hospitals and cooperative and commercial laundry field personnel
  • Supported by a multidisciplinary Clinical Advisory Council

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“The Encompass Clinical team has been an invaluable asset to our company and a respected part of our extended team.”

Greg Gicewicz, President, Sterile Surgical Systems.

Smart Solutions® Free Educational Tools and Resources

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At Encompass we know that continued support and education is a vital, yet costly requirement for nurses.

That is why we have FREE continuing education courses available for you.


How Smart Solutions® Can Help in Your Hospital

Our expert Clinical Resources and Consulting Team combined with our Smart Solutions® are able to help healthcare facilities improve in the following areas:


Fall Prevention:

Patient safety is of the utmost importance. We provide education and in-servicing for proven product and clinical initiatives that support hospital fall prevention protocols.

Skin Integrity:

The skin is the largest organ and can cause patients severe discomfort if compromised. We aid wound care teams, linen teams, and healthcare laundries in understanding the impact of linens and apparel on patients' skin and the prevention of pressure ulcers and injuries.

Patient Warming:

By introducing Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) to maintain “normothermia” in inpatient and outpatient settings, your hospital can see improvement in case outcomes, utilization cost, and inventory control.

DVT Prevention:

We provide the latest education and in-service support for proper product selection and fit applications of intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) and anti- embolism stockings (AES).

Infection Prevention:

To help in the fight against healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) we support solution-based product consulting across several product categories.

Linen Management:

A blanket can make a world of difference in your patients' comfort. We work with you to identify and reduce linen waste and linen loss, improve clinical processes associated with linen use, and enhance patient care while promoting safety and comfort.

Industry Issues & Trends:

Staying up to date is half the battle. We excel in helping clinical and management teams understand the impact of product selection and use on HACs, HAIs and HCAHPS scores.

Nursing Education:

Clinical staff can always access our library of free online continuing education unit (CEU) courses and other educational resources.

Are You Ready for a Smart Solution for your Facility?

The Encompass Clinical Resources and Consulting team are dedicated nurse consultants with extensive clinical and textile utilization experience who understand the impact of the changing reimbursement environment on the healthcare industry.

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