Therapeutic Support Mattresses

Surfaces that are right for the times, and right for your budget.

As the leader in cost-effective, clinically-proven support surfaces, Encompass is proud to offer you an entire new line of mattresses that are right for the times and more importantly, right for your budget. 
The new Airisana™ Therapeutic Support Surface brings a unique approach in alternating pressure and microclimate management.
With their state-of-the-art foams, cover materials and construction, along with industry-leading warranties, the eMax™ and ProActive Air Plus™ lines of Pressure Redistribution Mattresses is your first line of defense against skin breakdown.


Over the years, through observation and ingenuity, nurses and clinicians have helped to reduce many hospital-acquired conditions with truly innovative patient-care techniques.
What if the same insight and invention could be used to signi­ficantly address pressure injuries acquired in healthcare settings?
Explore how caregiver innovation inspired the transformative
Airisana™ Therapeutic Support Surface.


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Airisana Therapeutic Support Surface


Airisana™ is a unique support surface with a new approach in pressure therapy and microclimate management. It uses randomized pressure therapy that reduces acclimatization to the surface and targeted airflow to promote better healing and recovery.

Revolutionary Pressure Therapy – The Airisana team developed a new algorithm combining random alternating pressure, immersion, envelopment and pressure redistribution therapies to reduce acclimatization of the patient to the surface.

Targeted Airflow Therapy - Airisana has improved on traditional low air loss technology by introducing an airflow system that targets air to the highest patient pressure points on the surface. While other surfaces just blow air, we provide therapy where it is needed.  

The Airisana surface addresses several multiple therapies for pressure injury (PI) treatment and prevention in one easy-to-use surface and nursing control unit system. Click below to learn more details about Airisana and how your facility can participate in a trial.


ProActive Air Plus Surface



The ProActive Air™ Plus Surface can provide your patients and residents with incredible care and provide your staff with the proper tool to aid skin breakdown avoidance. With the combination of the convertible non-powered design, along with the option to provide vital alternating pressure therapy, the ProActive Air is a proven winner.

Eight anatomically inspired and alternatively connected air sectors provide both clinical support and “exchange” of air as needed and provides a custom pressure redistribution profile for every patient and resident of every body size, shape and weight.

The ProActive Air™ Plus Surface is available in a wide range of sizes to fit standard through bariatric beds.



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eMax™ Pressure Redistribution Mattresses


The eMax™ portfolio of surfaces provides several surface options for users considered to be at risk of pressure ulcer development or under Stage I-III PI treatment. In collaboration with the deserved level of comfort required, each eMax surface supports compliance efforts without an accompanying powered pump system.

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