Patient Warming, Reimagined.

Helping Every Patient Start Warm & Stay Warm
Studies show most patients arrive normothermic, yet 70% develop unplanned hypothermia intraoperatively. Thermoflect® Heat Reflective Technology® products help every patient start warm and stay warm.
Thermoflect Passive Warming Products
Thermoflect® Passive Warming Products
Reflect, capture and store radiant heat within the soft quilted channels. This creates a warm microclimate that travels with the patient to help maintain normothermia and prevent hypothermia.
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Nova® Next-Generation Patient Warming
Nova® gives caregivers an effective alternative for patient warming while eliminating many of the risks and pain points associated with forced-air warming systems.
Clinical Resources
Knowledge is power, and the right tools are essential for selecting the best warming products for your patients and protocols. Discover how we can help.