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For nearly a century, Encompass has been helping health care and hospitality organizations create safe and comfortable environments for patients, staff, residents and guests.

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Introducing the transformative Airisana® Therapeutic Support Surface


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Smart Solutions® Free Educational
Tools and Resources

We know that continued support and education is vital, yet a costly requirement for nurses. Act as a catalyst for change in your facility with our FREE trademarked Smart Solutions® educational course.


Group One® Health Care
Professional Uniform

If you are looking to build a turn-key staff identification
program for your team, contact us today to learn more!

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The Nova™ Next-Generation
Patient Warming System

This innovative surgical warming blanket is your answer to effective
patient warming without noise and air movement.

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Pressure Injuries

Frustrated with managing multiple support surfaces based on the therapy needed? Airisana® is a unique support surface with a new approach in pressure therapy and microclimate management, to replace up to 5 surface types.

Thermoflect® + Nova™

Thermoflect® introduced the concept of using a unique heat reflective technology to capture a patient’s own heat loss effectively reducing heat loss to the environment. Nova™ builds on the benefits of Thermoflect® by incorporating its unique heat reflective technology with an equally unique carbon veil heater.

Uniform Apparel Program

Have a Uniform Apparel color code in your facility? Looking to build a turn-key staff identification program for your team? 

Group One® is code for success!

Featured Products

Patient Warming

Patient Warming

Thermoflect® Heat Reflective Technology® is a proactive protocol that has been trusted by clinicians world-wide for over 20 years to protect at-risk patients from unplanned hypothermia through the use of reflective science instead of forced-air-warming.

Therapeutic Support Mattresses

Therapeutic Support Mattresses

As the leader in cost-effective, clinically-proven support surfaces, Encompass is proud to offer you an entire new line of mattresses that are right for the times and more importantly, right for your budget. 

Uniform Apparel Program

Uniform Apparel Program

Have a Uniform Apparel color code in your facility? Looking for one? Group One® is code for success!

Retail Healthcare Apparel

Retail Healthcare Apparel

For over 100 years, White Swan® Brands has served healthcare professionals with the finest quality career apparel and programs. Check out the best collection of scrubs, labwear and kitchen apparel in the professional healthcare apparel industry today.
Healthcare Pillows

Healthcare Pillows

Encompass manufactures the finest personal and reusable pillows through superior engineering and material technologies. We are proud to be #1 in the healthcare industry.

NEW Nova™

NEW Nova™

This innovative surgical warming blanket is your answer to effective patient warming without noise and air movement. The Nova™ system combines the effectiveness of reflective warming with an active warming solution to provide an alternative to forced-air warming systems.

DVT Prevention

DVT Prevention

Clinical studies show compliance is essential in the treatment and prevention of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). The StarSystem® line of DVT prevention products combines over 25 years of proven efficacy to produce the most comfortable and easy to use products.

Our Services

Encompass offers a variety of programs, systems and services to help Acute Care providers and linen processors manage their operations more efficiently and effectively.


Clinical Education

Encompass offers a variety of clinical education programs, systems and services to help Acute Care providers educate their clinical teams and linen processors manage their operations more efficiently and effectively.

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Linen Management

Linen Management

For years Encompass has provided its customers with linen management software solutions that have provided the necessary information to make informed decisions concerning utilization, inventory management and product usage.

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"The Encompass Clinical Resources and Consulting Team’s expertise in all areas of patient care makes them irreplaceable."

Director of Customer Service Healthcare Laundry

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2021 Countering COVID-19

Encompass Group’s supply chain is secure and ready to fulfill your orders. We know how critical it is for caregivers to have the supplies they need when they need them, so we are fulfilling orders and shipping as usual, without disruption and will continue to do so.

Not only has COVID-19 forced us to re-think our approach to managing and distributing healthcare supplies and PPE, but also consider necessary innovations in PPE.

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