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Don’t Settle for Flat Pillows

Encompass Reusable Pillows Feature the SRC® Core System. The SRC system adds support and resiliency to resist wear, crumbling, and breakdown while providing superior patient support and comfort. Use after use, these pillows retain about 65% of their original height, resulting in better value per patient day. 

It’s this type of design, construction and value that makes Encompass pillows #1 in the healthcare industry for over 30 years.

Pillow Cutaway

Whether you use disposable pillows, reusable pillows or both, we can help you get better value out of your pillow inventory and usage.

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Disposable Healthcare Pillows


Our FreshStart® Personal Pillows set the quality and performance standards for the entire industry. Patients will find maximum comfort on these single-patient-use pillows with breathable non-woven covers, and staff can trust that fresh pillows are ideal for cross-contamination concerns.

  • Soft and breathable non-woven ticking
  • 100% Recycled ecoCLOUD® fiberfill is environmentally responsible
  • Individually wrapped and compressed for clean, simplified storage
  • Convenient dispenser-box packaging
  • Easily configured for propping

FreshStart® Personal Pillows are available in these standard sizes:

  • 17” x 23”
  • 19” X 25”
  • 21” x 27”

Lofts vary from Medium, Standard, Full and Full Plus. All are in white only. Prop and Hugger-size Post-Surgical pillows are also available in 13” x 17”.

Case Saver Program

Furthering our commitment to customer inventory management needs, our Case Saver program assists in saving time, space and waste. Pillows are individually compressed, wrapped, and dispensed easily from high capacity case boxes, which feature a dispensing door.


Case Saver

 The compression method allows quick return to full loft within one hour. This all adds up to consideration for freight cost savings, staff time to handle cases, and space savings in delivery areas.


Learn more about our efforts to reduce packaging and waste, and utilize regenerated fiber, please download our ecofill brochure here.


Reusable Healthcare Pillows

Luxury Sheeting

Choosing the right pillow is more important than ever before when considering increased patient satisfaction, with necessary performance and protection. The Pillow Factory offers the largest selection of reusable pillows in the market, using high-quality materials and high-performance design to meet every need. Our pillows stand up for durability and protection without stepping down comfort.

Our Reusable Pillow Line Includes:

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comfort care
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With quick loft recovery, exceptional value, and longevity, the RevolutionaryCARE® pillow will revolutionize expectations for years to come.

Intended use: Acute Care & Senior Living

Easy Care™

With three layers of material, the EasyCare™ pillow offers maximum protection and durability with engineered breathability. 

Intended use: Acute Care & Senior Living

CareGuard Plus®

CareGuard Plus® pillows offer the trusted features of the traditional industry vinyl, but with enhanced functionality and superior protection in a unique alternative material.

Intended use: Acute Care & Senior Living


Brilliance® pillows offer a better-than-home experience option for patient, staff and visitor use. Our durable cotton ticking and enhanced fiberfill make this pillow laundry friendly, as it becomes more comfortable after each wash. 

Intended us: Acute Care & Senior Living

Dream Angel®
DreamAngel® pillows combine all the clinical benefits of traditional healthcare pillows, while providing your residents with all the comforts of home.
Intended use: Senior Living 
Soffill® pillows provide a great balance in support and comfort for those needing a more reinforced loft.
Intended use: Senior Living
Comfort Care
Comfort Care pillows are the perfect choice for patients that need a cloth-like pillow with fluid protection. 
Intended use: Acute Care
Pro-Barrier® pillows are an economical choice for patient care areas where the useful life is not required to be long, but fluid protection is required. 
Intended use: Acute Care
Cloud Nine
Keep your patients on cloud nine with this limited-use reusable pillow that feels like a pillow from home.
Intended use: Acute Care
Nylon Pillows
The classic laminated nylon pillow provides a fluid proof, stain resistant ticking that is also flame retardant. 
Intended use: Acute Care





Learn more about our full line of both reusable and disposable hospital pillows by downloading the PDF.


Learn more about our full line of both reusable and disposable nursing home pillows by downloading the PDF.

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