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Environmental Cleaning Supplies

Expect Extraordinary Results From Your Cleaning Products

Maintaining a safe and clean environment for hospitalized patients is essential. According to the CDC, on any given day about one in 25 hospital patients has at least one health-care associated infection (HAI). The AHRQ states that this equates to nearly 650,000 patients annually, with close to 75,000 deaths annually.
While the costs of treating HAIs are growing, environmental hygiene is the first line of defense. Our hospital cleaning supplies from PerfectCLEAN deliver unrivaled performance in the trapping and removal of pathogens that cause hospital-acquired conditions like HAIs.

Introducing EClean™ Microfiber

Cost-effective cleaning for today's budgets.

EClean Microfiber Mops and Wipers from Encompass are a cost-effective way to bring microfiber’s benefits to your cleaning regimen.

  • Effective - microfibers are known to remove more soil than traditional cotton-based products
  • Saves Time, Faster - don’t have to wring out the flat mop
  • Lightweight - flat mop holds less water compared to a loop mop
  • Efficient - clean hard-to-reach areas
  • Limit Cross-Contamination - easy to change mops between rooms
  • Save Money - microfiber products clean better and use less water and cleaning solution


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Redefine Clean

Let the PerfectCLEAN® system help eliminate cross-contamination in your facility

PerfectCLEAN® products are made with micro-denier fiber, which reaches into invisible crevices to remove microscopic pathogens from environmental surfaces. The germs are then eliminated in your laundry cycle when using chlorine bleach. 



Perfect Clean
PerfectCLEAN® delivers:
  • Evidence-based clinical solution
  • Unrivalled efficacy in “removing and trapping” the pathogens that cause Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs)
  • Exceptional durability in demanding clinical environments
  • CDC compliance for laundering of Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Patented built-in antimicrobial chemistry inhibiting bacterial growth on products after cleaning, laundering and storage
  • Leadership in Infection Prevention Methodologies—program and protocol to help eliminate cross-contamination
  • Outstanding ROI


All-Purpose Wipers penetrates invisible crevices in surfaces - the wipers "trap & remove" contaminants and concentrates them in the wiper. Microfiber wipers can absorb many times their weight in water and cleaning fluid and absorb it faster which helps reduce staining. The wipers are color-coded for distinguishing between patient/resident room, bathrooms or common areas. Using different wipers per area and room help reduce cross-contamination.

Microfiber Wipers are available in both the EClean™ and PerfectCLEAN® lines.

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EClean Colors and Sizes:

  • Blue, Gray, Green, Orange and Yellow
  • 12x12 and 16 x16

PerfectCLEAN® Colors and Sizes:

  • Blue, Gray, Green, Orange and Yellow
  • 12x12 and 16 x16


Design for the rigors of healthcare and industrial laundering, microfiber mops come in multiple colors, sizes and designs for a variety of hospital and nursing home cleaning environments. The Flat Mops attach to the hardware flat mop frame with a white hook and loop backing.

Microfiber Flat Mops are available in both the EClean and PerfectCLEAN® lines.
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EClean Flat Mop Colors and Sizes:
  • Blue, Orange, and Green
  • 13” and 18”
PerfectCLEAN® Flat Mop Colors and Sizes:
  • Blue, Orange, and Green
  • 11” and 18”


The series of PerfectClean® flat mops also has the advantage of a proprietary hook & loop backing material trademarked under the Perma-Loop brand. This material is compatible with any commercial process, is chlorine stable and withstands temperatures up to 210° F thus ensuring a clinically acceptable process for health care.

Understanding the cross-contamination and Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) issues in hospitals and nursing homes, PerfectCLEAN® developed the first line of color-coded, chlorine-stable products and ONEperROOM concept, which can eliminate the risk of cross-contamination. PerfectCLEAN® Flat Mops are made from the highest grade micro-denier fiber and contain the highest concentration of fiber resulting in unrivaled performance and are also further distinguished by their patented ‘Built-in Antimicrobial Product Protection.’

Fringe mop
Tube mop
PerfectCLEAN® Fringed Flat Mop Colors and Sizes:
  • Blue and Gray
  • 18” and 36”

The PerfectCLEAN® Fringed Flat Mop is exactly the same as the standard Flat Mop but with a fringe. The Fringed Flat Mop was developed by request from a hospital laundry—they wanted a “combination Damp Mop and Dust Mop for lightly soiled patient room floors.” 


PerfectCLEAN® Tube Mop Colors and Sizes:
  • Gray/Yellow, Blue/Blue, Green/Yellow and Grey/Orange
  • Sizes MISSING?????

Designed to replace the old-fashioned traditional string mops, the PerfectCLEAN® Tube Mop redefines “industrial strength cleaning” ideal for areas where soil load is very high. This high absorption, high-performance PerfectCLEAN® Tube Mop consists of 32 tubes per side. The head bandis chlorine-stable, extremely durable and easy to launder.



Microfiber Flat Mop hardware comes in two parts – a telescoping aluminum handle, and an attachable flat mop frame head to match the sizes of the various flat mops.
SDX Features
PerfectCLEAN® Sizes:
For Flat Mops: 11”, 18” and 36”

Flat Mop Frames
Heavy-duty construction designed to meet the challenges of the commercial cleaning industry. Ribbed frame design for strength. Drainage holes (top side) return fluid to the Flat Mop. Angled end caps for easy access to corners, also anchor the hook & loop strips. Heavy-duty hardened aluminum with hard-coat anodization. The ONLY hardware with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Easy-Grip Telescopic Handle
Designed for efficiency and comfort, the telescopic and ergonomic adjustable handles are lightweight and adjustable to “fit you.” Developed for the rigors of the commercial markets, these handles will provide a lifetime of service.
Superior Design & eXecution
PerfectCLEAN® SDX Colors and Sizes:
Yellow and Green
50” and 58”
The PerfectCLEAN® SDX bucketless mop system was developed to tackle common market complaints of traditional fluid mops—leaking and clogging, easily breakable handles, and low worker efficiency.
The PerfectCLEAN® SDX bucketless mop system is offered in two models—SDX50 and SDX60—to accommodate different user heights. This system includes color-coded bottles that promote “best practice” environmental hygiene processes to reduce cross-contamination.


  • Transitions heavy duty chores to a light-duty task
  • Unique High Strength Uni-Tube Core construction for improved strength and durability
  • Bleach & QUAT safe with DRY-VALVE and chemical resistant tubing
  • Interchangeable Color-Coded Bottles for safe chemical management, increased productivity and reduced risk of cross-contamination
  • Integrated non-slip ball grip
  • Large easy-pull trigger and integrated trigger guard
  • Compatible with all PerfectCLEAN frames
  • All parts are serviceable & replaceable


PerfectCLEAN® Accessories Support All of The Challenging Areas in Environmental Surface Cleaning.

Available Accessories:

  • Flexible Duster & Duster Covers
  • Finish Applicator
  • Cleaning Mitts
  • Cleaning Scrub Sponges
  • Multi-Use Cleaning Gloves


With the Easy Grip Flexible Duster and Handle, difficult places and narrow spaces can be easily reached. The Easy Grip Flexible Duster can be manipulated into virtually any shape, making it ideal for hard to reach places. 
The PerfectCLEAN® Orange Mitt helps reduce cross-contamination by isolating the cleaning of the commode.
The Multi-Use Glove can be used for IV poles, curtain pulls, bed rails, chair rails, and any other odd shaped surfaces—whatever you touch, you clean.

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