Airisana® Capturing The Power of 5 Therapies in One Device

5 in one treamtent diagram for Airisana alternating pressure mattress . Alternating pressure with lateral rotation, low air loss, pressure redistribution and immersion in one mattress.


Where There’s Pressure Relief, You’ll Find Airisana®
The new Airisana® alternating pressure mattress brings an advanced design & unique approach to pressure reduction and microclimate management to address the root cause of pressure injuries (formerly known as "pressure ulcers" or "bedsores"). Informed by the experience with therapeutic support surfaces and insight of healthcare specialists, Airisana was designed with the transformative power of 5 therapeutic mattresses in 1 device.
Airisana alternating pressure mattress
An alternating pressure mattress
Airisana lateral rotation mattress
A lateral rotation mattress
Airisana low air loss mattress
A low air loss mattress
Airisana immersion mattress
An Immersion/envelopment mattress
Airisana lateral rotation mattress
A pressure redistribution mattress
Airisana alternating pressure mattress icon
Key Information
Discover Airisana
Discover the Airisana® difference for yourself.
Improve Patient Outcomes. Read the Brochure.
Developed to empower clinicians & improve patient outcomes.
How costly are PIs
Crunch the numbers to see how costly PIs can be.
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Key Features
We collaborated closely with caregivers to give Airisana® the features required to empower patient care.
Group 45
Revolutionary pressure therapy to reduce acclimatization
Group 46
Focused airflow to match the patient’s mass distribution
Group 47
Turn-assist & repositioning reduces friction, shear risk, and staff injury
Group 48
Early mobility support to encourage movement & bedside stabilization
Group 49
Extended Life Battery Backup and an intuitive TouchPad User Control Unit
Group 50
Dartex micro-management cover that’s easy to clean and promotes infection prevention


What Our Customers Are Saying 
These happy customers gave Airisana® 5 stars. They shared their experiences with us:

Since we've received the mattresses, our rental costs have dropped off dramatically - more than 40% in 90 days. During this last Covid surge with many patients needing specialty beds, we were able to meet the demand in minutes rather than hours waiting on the rental. As advertised, your mattress really replaces several beds in one unit.

– Hospital Director

Airisana has done what we wanted, and more. The WOC nurse clinicians love the surface, and the only reason we rent surfaces at all now is when all Airisana surfaces are in use.

– BioMed Director, Piedmont Healthcare

The Airisana therapeutic support surface is an amazing device. I give it full marks for an exceptional patient experience — it’s low on noise, ingress & egress is easy, and it’s comfortable. It functions very well during clinical application and is easy to use.

– Brian Murphy, CEO of MedOne

We really enjoyed using this product. The ease of use, as well as functionality of this product, was outstanding.

– Victor Lange, Director of Greater El Monte Community Hospital

We really enjoy using this product. Airisana is easy to use, and the functionality is outstanding. It’s very quiet. Ingress & egress are effortless. Plus, it’s very comfortable for our patients. We give it 5 stars across the board!

– Epidemiologist, AHNC Network Hospitals

See How Airisana® Works

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Pressure Injury Prevention
Know Why Airisana® Works
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Pressure Injury Prevention
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