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Encompass bed and bath products assist in creating a room environment appropriate for rest and respite. Patients should feel positive about their room so that they can concentrate on their medical circumstances. Bedding and bath products used to care for patients should be selected for their quality and the comfort they impart to the patient experience, as well as for prevention of skin breakdown. A patient’s sense of well-being comes in part from their perception of care and attention to detail.

Encompass offers high-quality patient focused products that meet this need. A broad array of choices is available in blended and knit sheeting, bedspreads, spread blankets, thermal blankets, bath blankets, disposable and reusable pillows, and terry towels and washcloths. Whether you require the high aesthetic appeal of our Impressions line, the durability and longevity provided by our Synergy line, or the economical focus of our Essentials and Merit lines, we have a product to help create a pleasant patient experience.

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Encompass Comfort Bed System™

Creating the ideal bed for your patients’ comfort and care. 

Each individual item in the Comfort Bed System™ was designed to improve patient care.

  • Smoother linens mean less wrinkles and bunching to reduce the risk of pressure points.
  • High-performance fabrics that wick moisture away from the skin for better microclimate.
  • Innovative Toe-Pleat top sheet reduces pressure on toes and heels.
  • Minimal layers under the patient allow the pressure redistribution mattress you use to do its job.
  • Low-friction patient positioner reduces skin damage from shear and friction, as well as helping to reduce staff injuries.
  • Maximized bed-making efficiencies; reduce bed making time
  • Skin-care-friendly fabrics
  • Improved shrinkage control, color retention and stain resistance for aesthetic appeal
  • Crease-resistant fabric to reduce wrinkling

Components include: (this is where you would include the "exploded" view of the components)

  • Airisana® Therapeutic Surface (Click here
  • Versa ™- Knit and Versa™ - Knit Ultra bottom sheets (Click here)
  • PDQ® Slider Sheet Patient Repositioner (Click here
  • Comfort Care™ Laminated Patient Care Underpad (See below) 
  • Versa™- Knit Semi-Fitted Toe-Pleat Top Sheet (Click here)
  • UltraLinks Spread Blanket (Click here)
  • Dream Angel® Pillow (Click here)
  • Versa™- Knit Ultra Pillowcase (Click here)

Learn how selecting the proper bed linens and incorporating a no-fold linen system can enhance your patient satisfaction scores. Contact us for more details.


Additional Bedding items

Woven sheeting, in several sizes of flat and fitted sheets, draw sheet and pillowcases:

  • Performance Poly (P2) Collection Percale 100% microfiber polyester
  • Global Select™ Collection Percale cotton/poly
  • Performance Muslin T130 cotton/poly
  • Suite Impressions® Collection in 4 VIP colors of Rose, Blue, Bone and Green
  • Sateen Draw Sheets, extra heavy cotton
  • Bariatric sized flat and fitted, in Bone for easy identification

Knitted sheeting, in several sizes and pillowcases:

  • Knitted fitted bottom sheets in 100% polyester and cotton/poly blends to fit any mattress, in smooth and pique knits
  • Stretcher sheets in blue and white in cotton/poly blends
  • Knitted fitted birthing bed sheets to fit a variety of bed brands
  • Knitted pillowcases
  • Bariatric sized knitted fitted sheets

Bath Blankets, Spread Blankets and other mattress top linens

  • Bath Blankets in cotton/poly blends, 1.4# to 2#, bleached and unbleached, striped
  • Spread blankets in 5 styles and 8 colors
  • Thermal blankets in cotton and cotton/poly blends
  • Bedspreads in multiple styles and colors
  • Mattress pads
  • Pillowcase protectors

Terry and Bath Towels

  • Merit Trio Collection
  • Elegance Plus Collection
  • Checkmate Terry Collection
  • “Hospital Property” Marked towels
  • Utility and kitchen towels

Incontinence Care

Moisture management is important to successful skin integrity in the acute care setting. Quality linens also have a factor in reducing the amount of bunching, pressure, shearing and friction to which patients are exposed.
Not all incontinence pads, whether reusable or disposable, perform the same. Underpads were originally designed to protect the sheets and mattress rather than the patient. Many pads in use today still adhere to this historical design.

We are now more aware of the extent that excess moisture, bunching, pressure, shearing and friction from bed linens and related incontinence products can contribute to skin breakdown and discomfort. A well-designed underpad, along with good nursing care, can help to mitigate all those negative influences.


Almost all underpads are constructed of a top or “facing” layer, a middle “soaker” layer, and a bottom “barrier” layer. Each has a job to do:

FACING — get moisture away from skin; provide soft, comfortable surface. 

Modern, all-polyester fabrics provide the softness that cotton does, but are designed to wick moisture from the top facing into the soaker level. For best patient care, we recommend a high-performing all-polyester facing, instead of one made from cotton fabric.

SOAKER — attract, hold and disperse moisture over multiple voids. 

A good patient care pad will have a minimum of 35% rayon, which is more effective at drawing the moisture into the soaker and quickly spreading it horizontally. Disposable incontinence pads generally use polymer gels to capture liquids. However, once activated, the gel usually cannot absorb or disperse more liquids on multiple voids like a reusable pad can.

BARRIER — keep moisture inside pad; keep pad from slipping down the bed.

The best patient care pads “bond” their barrier layer to the quilted facing and soaker levels. Bonding ensures that the pad will not bunch on itself, and also makes it more durable and wrinkle-free during the laundering process.

Patient Care Underpads

Comfort Care™ Laminated Patient Care Underpads:

  • Top of the line patient care reusable underpads
  • Laminated ultra-thin pad to help maximize patient care by lying flat to help prevent pressure ulcers
  • Ultra-lightweight 15.4 oz, absorbs up to 4 times its own weight
  • Brushed backing to ensure no movement under the patient to prevent bunching which can lead to pressure ulcers
  • Impermeable barrier offers excellent linen protection, eliminating need for multiple layers and reducing soiled linen

ProGuard™ Heavy Duty Underpads:

  • Heavy-duty, fast-drying, long-lasting underpads are ideal for the institutional laundry environment
  • Nonbrushed 100% polyester honeycomb facing is less susceptible to burning in high heat environments
  • Round corners are less abrasive to patients’ skin
  • Zigzag Quilted Design ensures pad retains a flat, smooth profile without bunching or pleating without bunching or pleating

CareGuard® Woven Poly Underpads:

  • Good wicking & absorbency
  • Surface offers durable properties of a synthetic rich product
  • Softer hand and less pilling
  • Remains whiter and lays flatter
  • Does not get “cold/wet” feeling like cotton rich pads do when wet
  • Plaid facing offered as option

Hyperbaric Linens

From pillows and bedding to patient apparel, Encompass’ line of hyperbaric products and apparel are designed to meet the unique challenges of a hyperbaric environment. These products are made of 100% cotton for comfort and breathability and meet or exceed National Fire Protection Association guidelines for use in hyperbaric oxygen treatment units.
hyperbaric linen
  • 100% cotton fabric for comfort and breathability
  • 100% cotton hem thread and labels – often overlooked details
  • Purple thread hems to quickly identify and separate hyperbaric products from your other inventory
  • Same versatile styles and fit as our traditional apparel lines

Available in:

  • Patient gowns, XL to 10XL
  • Bed Linens
  • Bath Blanket, 70 x 90
  • Bath Towels and Washcloths
  • Pillows
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