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Linen Management

Encompass Linen Management Consulting

Linen is an expensive, consumable medical supply that is essential to the delivery of high-quality patient care. Like other consumable medical supplies, there is a direct cost associated with each and every use of a linen item and consistent management attention is required to ensure "Rational Consumption"of linen.

The Encompass Linen Management Consulting Engagement provides clinically-based, on-site consulting designed to optimize your linen management program.

"The expertise and resources this team provides us is second to none."

Liz Remillong, Vice President, Strategic Accounts, Crothall Laundry Services

Our Programs


This is a powerful distribution and linen-tracking tool in a web-based format that allows hospital staff to make efficient, informed decisions about linen utilization, inventory management, and product selection.




Our process provides strategic solutions to rising linen costs in a customized work plan format that helps our customers easily implement change and track results. The engagement includes:

  • Completion of a hospital-wide linen utilization study.
  • A written report detailing linen cost reduction opportunities and establishing a baseline for improvement.
  • Creation of a Linen Task Force to implement cost-saving activities, track progress and measure success.
  • Benchmarking to national, regional, and facility averages for line usage.



For more information about our National Average Database, please contact us.




The Smart Solutions® Linen Education Program combines a comprehensive linen utilization in-service video with an accompanying independent study guide. This program:

  • Teaches the concepts of rational linen consumption.
  • Allows hospitals to incorporate linen education into current product in-service and staff development procedures.
  • Is appropriate for CEU or hospital in-service credit towards nursing credentials; available in both an acute and long-term care versions.
  • Includes electronic copies of spreadsheet tools and The Guide to Linen Management textbook.
  • Offers seminars in Linen Management 101, Identifying Linen Loss, Educating the End User, Benchmarking with Industry Data, Conducting Physical Inventories, ExecutorNET® Training, Statistical Linen Management, Surveying End Users and ExecutorNET® Report Analysis.

Our Approach

Our customized method emphasizes statistical linen management, patient-focused consulting and nursing education using proven process improvement methodology. Our dedicated nurse consultants conduct on-site hospital wide surveys, analyzing nursing linen use and its impact on patient care. Recommendations focus on improvements in policies addressing skin integrity, patient warming rationales, safe patient handling, infection prevention and fall prevention.

"The data and technical support they provide has become an integral part of our linen management program"

Steven Thomas, Corporate Healthcare Specialist, Mission Linen Supply

Are You Ready for a Smart Solution for Your Linens?

The Encompass Clinical Resources and Consulting team are dedicated nurse consultants with extensive clinical and textile utilization experience who understand the impact of the changing reimbursement environment on the healthcare industry.

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