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Long-term care facilities have been a major part of the health care delivery system for quite some time now, aiding in the healing of many aging and vulnerable residents. But did you know that the transfer of infected or colonized patients from acute-care facilities to residency in long-term care facilities is one of the most common modes that introduce drug-resistant pathogens into the long-term care environment?

According to a study published by the American Journal of Infection Control, one out of every four long-term care residents are colonized with drug-resistant bacteria. This means that a quarter of the facility’s entire resident population has been exposed to bacteria for which there is no known antibiotic available to treat infections resulting from these organisms.

The presence of these drug-resistant bacteria, or any pathogens, is why infection prevention is a crucial part of resident safety protocols at every long-term care facility. By adhering to infection prevention protocols, you can help prevent the spread of dangerous organisms from an infected resident to other residents in your facility as environmental hygiene is the first line of defense.


Use PerfectCLEAN® to Help Prevent the Spread of Drug-Resistant Bacteria

The key to a successful infection prevention protocol is making sure it’s easy for your staff to adhere to. Encompass Group offers a full line of color-coded environmental hygiene products that simplify the cleaning and sanitizing process without sacrificing your cleaning standards. The PerfectCLEAN® Environmental Cleaning System is comprised of products made from the highest grade micro-denier fiber that contain the highest concentration of fiber to trap and remove dangerous pathogens resulting in unrivaled performance. The line even includes an All-Purpose Wiper, distinguished by its patented 'built-in antimicrobial protection,' and all of the microfiber products can be used hand-in-hand with any cleaning solution.


To make the line cost-effective, all of the reusable PerfectCLEAN® products are highly durable and chlorine stable, which exceeds the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for Blood Borne Pathogens and allows the products to withstand the rigors of commercial laundry with recommended levels of hypochlorite bleach, keeping processing costs low and return on investment high.

Encompass Group carries a full line of PerfectCLEAN® environmental hygiene products, including the All-Purpose Wipers, Super Silky Wipers, mops, hardware and all the accessories needed to safely and effectively clean every surface of your facility. Call your Encompass Group representative today at 1-800-328-5525 to learn more about how the PerfectCLEAN® Environmental Cleaning System can help you keep your residents safe.

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Greg Snoddy
Greg Snoddy is the Vice President of Sales, Senior Living for Encompass Group. He can be reached at

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