Giving Back: Phoebe Putney

MCDONOUGH, GA, May 2020“Southwest Georgia was an early coronavirus hotspot, and Phoebe was inundated with COVID-19 patients. With typical supply chains disrupted, we are extremely grateful for the amazing assistance we have received in procuring equipment and supplies we need to protect our employees and offer the quality care we are committed to providing our patients. The generous donation from Encompass Group has helped us provide clean scrubs each day for team members working in our COVID-19 units, and we appreciate their support of the Phoebe Family.” Trey French, Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital Vice President of Supply Chain

In special recognition of the invaluable role of Georgia nurses during the COVID-19 crisis and in honor of the Year of the Nurse, Nurses Month, and Nurses Week, Encompass Group, LLC today announced recent gifts of professional apparel to seven nearby hospitals.



Pictured are boxes of donated Jockey® scrubs from Encompass Group, LLC to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital. Localized Effort Supports Area Nurses with Scrubs in Honor of 2020 Nurses Week, Month, and Year


Pictured are boxes of donated scrubs from Encompass Group, LLC to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital. 


Encompass Group, LLC is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of reusable textiles, professional apparel, and disposable and single-use medical products. Encompass Group believes that every patient, resident, caregiver, and family member should feel safe and comfortable in today’s healthcare environments. Encompass Group enhances the healthcare experience by developing innovative products that are reliably delivered and cost-effective for all providers. Encompass Group serves the acute-care, long-term, and senior-care markets, retail healthcare and hospitality apparel markets, and government operations markets. For more information about Encompass Group, LLC, please visit

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