From now on, high touch shouldn’t mean high risk.

A simple and effective barrier, COVAIRE redefines the standards of PPE in the current healthcare environment.The COVAIRE barrier drape is specifically designed to help protect providers from pathogen exposure while performing aerosol-generating procedures like intubation and extubation.

Easy to acquire
Easy to store
Easy to use
Easy to dispose of

An Innovative clear barrier drape designed to further protect providers from pathogen exposure while performing aerosol generating procedures.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to tent over patient, providing a barrier between the patient and provider to mitigate risks during aerosol generating procedures
  • Developed and manufactured by EncompassGroup,world’s leading manufacturer of single use medical products
  • A shaped profile to fully encompass the head from behind, forward
  • Complements current PPE to reduce exposure risks
  • Allows providers to have full range of movement without restriction of arm movements
  • Conveniently sized, single use, disposable

COVAIRE: Frequently Asked Questions

What is COVAIRE?

COVAIRE is a simple and effective clear barrier drape to help protect providers from pathogen exposure during and after aerosol-generating procedures.

What procedures are COVAIRE designed for?

COVAIRE is designed to be used as personal protective equipment for aerosol-generating procedures, including: intubation, extubation, bronchoscopy, cystoscopy, TEE, CPR, and EGD, which pose an added risk to care providers.

How is COVAIRE used?

COVAIRE is tucked under the patient’s head and covers the patient’s body. Healthcare providers can place their arms through openings in the drape to access the patient.:nbsp; When each procedure is finished, the provider carefully removes the drape and disposes of it.

What are the dimensions of COVAIRE? Will it work for bariatric patients?

COVAIRE is 54”x52”. It will work on almost all patients, including bariatric patients. Folded into its package, the COVAIRE has a very low profile and is easily stored on crash carts and as part of your critical care supplies.

What is COVAIRE made from?

COVAIRE is made from clear, medical-grade 2mm polyethylene film that is comfortable and lightweight.

Would there be any potential workflow / turn-around time improvement in the O.R.?

COVAIRE should not negatively affect the workflow or turn-around time in the operating room. This is a disposable PPE product applied just prior to intubation and removed and discarded once the patient is connected to the ventilator. Total time for application and removal of the COVAIRE should be under a minute (intubation/extubation time varies by provider).

Is COVAIRE sterile?

There is not a need for COVAIRE to be sterile to function as PPE for providers. Even if COVAIRE is used in an O.R. setting, it is removed directly after the patient is intubated, before sterile field preparation. After the surgery is completed, an additional COVAIRE should be used to extubate.

Where can I buy COVAIRE?

Ordering information for COVAIRE is available via 1-800-245-4636. Proper selection of protective apparel is essential to successfully limit exposure and reduce potential cross-contamination as rapidly emerging health threats continue to challenge facilities nationwide. From now on, COVAIRE should be used in all aerosol-generating procedures.