Nurses, We Thank You!


By Deanna Leonard, MBA
Vice President and General Manager - Professional Healthcare Apparel
Encompass Group, LLC


Kirsty Warren
Director, Clinical Resources

As we celebrate our National Nurses week each year beginning May 6th and ending on May 12th (Florence Nightingale’s Birthday) we are reminded of the heroic and tireless efforts nurses put forth every day. This is the time we focus on appreciation, recognition, and investing in our incredible nurses who serve across the globe in a truly altruistic fashion. Each year we single out this week for celebration but let us not forget that nurses work around the clock 52 weeks a year and should be recognized always.

Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, we are seeing nurses rise with resilience in the path of struggles with mental health and wellbeing. Whether the conditions nurses face in practice are mental, physical, or emotional, nurses engage in support and continue to push forward as they will not give up or back down in the pursuit to care for those in need.

Traditional nursing roles have evolved and continue to expand in scope as nurses find ways to build healthier communities with new sets of challenges. Throughout this evolution, nurses remain dedicated to their continued work to provide excellence in care to those in need. As nurses continue to work selflessly, there is no better time than now to send a big THANK YOU!

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