Pressure Redistribution Mattresses

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    eMax™ Pressure Redistribution Mattresses

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    The eMax™ portfolio of surfaces provides several surface options for users considered to be at risk of pressure ulcer development or under Stage I-III PI treatment. In collaboration with the deserved level of comfort required, each eMax surface supports compliance efforts without an accompanying powered pump system.

    All eMax™ surfaces are available in widths up to 60" and lengths up to 96".


    System Features

    • Firm side rails are designed to support patient or resident transport, facilitate ingress/egress, and to remind the patient or resident that he/she is near the edge of the surface.
    • Inverted seams and a unique, patent-pending, band design is intended to prevent infection and infestation, while the zipper & grommet-absent construction reinforces the integrity of the fire barrier
    • Nylon or Multi-way stretch covers available
    • Three-tiered, zoned construction of high-quality polyurethane to aid in pressure reduction and optimal performance

    The eMax™ Line of Pressure Redistribution Mattresses includes:



    eMax Reassure

    • A top layer of visco-elastic foam from head to toe provides immersion and protection against skin breakdown.



    eMax Classic

    • Designated foam section with standard heel slope provides added protection for the hard to care for heels and lower legs.




    eMax Gentle

    • Head to toe rotation for extended periods of clinical efficacy.



    eMax Mighty Max

    • A unique, anatomically designed inner core provides low interface pressure and support for bariatric patients.


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