Introduces Pillow Management Program Guide.

McDonough, GA–(2016)–The Pillow Factory has announced the publication of its Pillow Management Program Guide. The Pillow Factory division of Encompass Group provides more pillows to American healthcare facilities than any other industry resource. The company began manufacturing pillows here in the U.S.A. more than thirty years ago and is today the market leader.

“Because pillows are such a common part of everyday life, we tend to think there’s nothing very complicated about them. But in the healthcare environment, that’s just not the case,” said Michelle Daniels, Encompass Director of Marketing for The Pillow Factory. “With our decades of experience, we’ve learned a lot about the selection, management, use, and care of a healthcare facility’s pillows. We’ve put all of the key points in this concise guide: covers/tickings, size options, loft levels, cleaning options, etc. We think it’ll be a great tool for anyone managing healthcare inventories.”

Daniels continued, “We understand the challenges healthcare organizations face every day and are committed to partner with our customers in the selection of pillows with the appropriate fabrics and
fillings, delivered on time and on budget.”

Current Pillow Factory products include DreamAngel® and Brilliance® pillows for launderable comfort and performance; RevolutionaryCARE™, Easy Care®, Comfort Care™; CareGuard® Plus, Pro-Barrier® for fluid and stain resistance; and Personal Pillows for single-patient-use providing maximum breathability and freshness.”

The Pillow Factory division of Encompass has strong relationships with multiple GPO and Government affiliates, and actively supports industry organizations such as AHE and ALM.

The Pillow Management Program Guide and samples are available on request.
Contact Michelle Daniels at (770) 626-2061 or

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