Encompass Group, LLC Proud to Source 10,000 Jockey Scrub Units to New York Javits Center

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MCDONOUGH, GA, April 2020In connection with ongoing efforts to respond to the national emergency to combat COVID-19, Encompass Group, LLC today recognized its unique supplier role in current and ongoing Jockey International, Inc. (Jockey) benefactor activity around the nation. In particular, Encompass Group proudly acknowledged itself as the source of 10,000 scrub units being donated by Jockey to the healthcare staff at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City.

A dire and global shortage of proper personal protective equipment (PPE) has placed frontline healthcare workers in the U.S. on the COVID-19 line of fire. The burgeoning risk, mounting daily, has pressured product manufacturers, government regulators, hospital systems, and supply chains alike to formulate new strategies and tactics for devising and sourcing supplies of qualified, appropriate PPE.

Jockey is helping to meet vital PPE needs of frontline doctors and nurses in the nationwide COVID-19 fight. Jockey is committing to donate 250,000 isolation gowns to the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) PPE distribution efforts. The company also is donating localized lots of respiratory and surgical masks in Kenosha, Wis., the company’s hometown. And, Jockey will give the 10,000 units of scrubs to the hard-hit area of New York City.

A televised March 30, 2020 White House Coronavirus Task Force Press Briefing in the Rose Garden highlighted a variety of groundbreaking corporate citizenry efforts, including those by Jockey. President Donald J. Trump introduced Jockey Chairman & CEO Debra S. Waller, who, in addition to other frontline support activities, announced the Jockey New York Javits Center scrub donation.

"Encompass Group is honored to be the New York City Javits Center scrub supplier for Jockey".

John Wood, Encompass Group, LLC CEO

Remarked John Wood, Encompass Group, LLC chief executive officer, “Encompass Group is honored to be the New York City Javits Center scrub supplier for Jockey. When we’re called to help, we do our best to respond and we’ve done that here. I extend my gratitude to President Trump, Vice President Pence, the Coronavirus Task Force, Jockey, and all of the corporations, including our own, banding together in service to our nation.”

Deanna Leonard, Encompass Group, LLC, vice president and general manager, professional healthcare apparel, added “The Jockey brand is synonymous with American pride, quality, and comfort. Encompass Group always is proud of our role in delivering apparel to professional staff. Knowing we’re able to help those dedicated to caring for COVID-19 patients on a daily basis elevates our mission to an entirely new level.”

“As a family-owned company headquartered in Wisconsin, we were eager to support the critical needs of those on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19,” said Mark Fedyk, president and chief operating officer, Jockey. “It is in our DNA to roll up our sleeves and help our country in times of need. We are pleased to provide critically needed PPE and scrubs for the health care workers on the front lines of this fight.”

Stay tuned for more news about Encompass Group, LLC efforts to respond to the national emergency to combat COVID-19. To learn more about Encompass Group, LLC, please visit To learn more about Jockey International, Inc., please visit To read the full White House Remarks by President Trump and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force, March 30, 2020 Press Briefing, see

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