Encompass Group, LLC Launches “Buy Scrubs | Give Scrubs” Jockey® Brand Scrub Donation Program

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  • Encompass Group, LLC Launches “Buy Scrubs | Give Scrubs” Jockey® Brand Scrub Donation Program Scrub Purchases Trigger Scrub Donations to Underserved and Rural Healthcare Facilities

MCDONOUGH, GA, October 13, 2020 – Continuing its dedication to proactively support the healthcare community,
Encompass Group, LLC (Encompass Group) today announced the newly launched Buy Scrubs | Give Scrubs donation
program, implemented together with Jockey International, Inc. (Jockey). Over 20,000 scrub units will be donated to
underserved and rural healthcare facilities as part of the program, which continues through November 13, 2020.

The Buy Scrubs | Give Scrubs program unites three truths: it is incumbent upon us to give in service to others, positive
action is magnified in collaboration, and community care touches everyone. Encompass Group and Jockey designed the
program to benefit underserved and rural healthcare facilities. For every unique individual order on that
contains at least one Jockey® brand scrub item, Encompass Group will donate Jockey scrubs to a facility in need. To
identify facilities in need, Encompass Group reached out to the National Rural Health Association, gathered Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention data, and received requests made to the non-profit nursing group Society of Nurse
Scientists Innovators Entrepreneurs and Leaders (SONSIEL) and to the group-purchasing organization Vizient, Inc.

The Buy Scrubs | Give Scrubs program hits close to home and even closer to the heart for Encompass Group, LLC
Customer Service Supervisor Kimberly Manning. Noted Ms. Manning, "I have a lot of respect for this effort. My sister
works in a hospital in South Georgia, Memorial Satilla Health, and it's beyond tough right now for the healthcare teams.
I'm comforted knowing she wears Jockey scrubs—and she does so with pride!"

Becky Ries of Valley County Health System in Nebraska offered, “We would like to extend our thanks for the scrubs that
are being shipped to our hospital. During these difficult times especially, generosity such as this helps to lift spirts and
support our workers who are on the front lines helping to care for patients each and every day! Thank you for giving
back in such a kind, thoughtful and generous way...we are beyond grateful!”

Remarked Encompass Group Chief Executive Officer John Wood, “No matter how much we do to help, there always is
more to do. I’m grateful that Encompass Group staff persist in finding opportunities to give and then work diligently to
make these ideas a reality. As always, we are honored and grateful to partner with Jockey International, Inc.”

Contributed Deanna Leonard, Encompass Group Vice President and General Manager Professional Healthcare, “It truly
does feel as though we can never do enough, however we strive and succeed each day knowing that we are living
examples of our corporate mission—to extend safety and comfort to as many people as possible in the healthcare
industry. My sincere gratitude to Jockey, SONSIEL, and Vizient for stepping up and helping us make a necessary impact.”

Jockey President and Chief Operating Officer Mark Fedyk said, “It’s been said before, yet it cannot be said too often,
businesses are the corporate citizens of the towns, cities, and states of this country. As long as there is a need, we
humbly, professionally, will take rapid and right action to meet it. Thank you to Encompass Group, LLC for maintaining
such clear direction alongside us, to serve our nation’s healthcare workers as they care for the vulnerable.”

Stated Rebecca C. Love, MSN, RN, SONSIEL President & Co-Founder, “SONSIEL developed the SHARE program at the
onset of the COVID-19 emergency to move PPE quickly to where it is needed most. Encompass Group, LLC and Jockey
International, Inc. have emerged as leaders in the PPE-giving effort, both in cooperation with SONSIEL and through their
own donation programs. I thank both companies, in the name of the many thousands of healthcare workers benefitting
from these gracious endeavors.”

Said Rand Ballard, Vizient, Inc. Chief Customer Officer, “We and all of our colleagues in healthcare are keenly aware of
the need for ongoing assistance—especially in underserved areas. Our network of healthcare member facilities and
close relationship with Encompass Group makes it easy for us to help identify what is needed, and where, in no time. We
are happy to be a part of a pre-emptive solution in such trying times.”

The Buy Scrubs | Give Scrubs program is the latest in a series of giving strategies by Encompass Group and Jockey. At the
onset of the COVID-19 national emergency, Encompass Group and Jockey joined forces on donations of 10,000 scrub
units to healthcare staff in New York City and 250,000 isolation gowns to the U.S. Federal Emergency Management
Agency (FEMA) personal-protective equipment (PPE) efforts. Jockey also donated localized lots of respiratory and
surgical masks in Kenosha, Wis., Jockey’s hometown. Encompass Group donated 1,200 disposable jackets to healthcare
facilities in Massachusetts and New Hampshire as part of the SONSIEL SHARE program, as well as direct-donated 1,200
sets of scrubs to hospitals in hard-hit areas of Georgia, where Encompass Group is headquartered.

To learn more about the Buy Scrubs | Give Scrubs program, visit


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