Airisana™ Therapeutic Support Surface


    Introducing the Transformative Airisana Therapeutic Support Surface

    The new Airisana™ Therapeutic Support Surface brings a unique approach to pressure therapy and microclimate management. Despite the number of advanced support surfaces on the market today, many only provide one therapy at a time or operate under a repetitive “set-it-and-forget-it” program.  With numerous surfaces like those, Healthcare-Acquired Pressure injury rates have actually risen in the last few years. 
    By collaborating with caregivers in the design, Airisana™ puts control back into the hands of clinicians and therapists who understand what patients need most. With unique innovation that deliveries five pressure therapies in one surface, Airisana™ combines many of the best practices along with transformative patient care delivered by caregivers doing what they do best.


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    Explore How Airisana™ Was Developed

    What if the same insight and invention could be used to signi­ficantly address pressure injuries acquired in healthcare settings? Explore how caregiver innovation inspired the transformative Airisana™ Therapeutic Support Surface.
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    airisana_nos Revolutionary Pressure Therapy

    The Airisana™ surface offers a newly developed algorithm that combines multiple pressure therapies, such as alternating pressure, immersion, envelopment, and pressure redistribution, in a random sequence, to reduce the acclimatization of the patient to the therapy provided by the surface.

    airisana_nos2 Focused Airflow Where Needed 

    Airisana™ supports reduction for moisture-associated dermatitis, accelerated breakdown, and applies a targeted airflow matching the patient's mass distribution.

    airisana_nos3 Turn Assist and Repositioning 

    Airisana™ allows for repositioning while the patient is on the surface, supporting efforts to reduce friction and shear risk, as well as staff injury.

    airisana_nos4 Early Mobility Support 

    Airisana™ is equipped with firm side rail design for encouraged early mobility and stabilization at the bedside.

    airisana_nos5Dartex Micro-Management Cover

    Easy to clean and promotes proven infection prevention practices.

    airisana_nos6 Extended Life Battery Backup

    Battery life extends to a minimum of 26 hours in the event of power failure.

    airisana_nos7 Intuitive, TouchPad User Control Unit

    Airisana’s smart control unit is easy for the clinician to use, and simplifies patient setup. It puts control back in the hands of nursing.


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    Explore how caregiver innovation inspired the transformative Airisana™ Therapeutic Support Surface.


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